Outdoor activities

  • Pétanque

    Pétanque is a French board game for two teams of 1-3 people who try to place the balls as close as possible to the target, which is a wooden ball called a lens. The principle of the game is very simple, but perfect mastery of technique and tactics requires regular practice. A distinct advantage of this game is that it can be played by practically anyone (women with men, old people with children, even the disabled can participate in all tournaments) and practically anywhere (the terrain of the field is arbitrary).
    Location: gravel area between pavilions D33 and E34
    Tools will be available after registration at the Sports Faculty.

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  • Korfball

    Korfball is the only team ball game in which both men and women play together. It is played on a 40 x 20 m pitch, divided into 2 halves (zones), where two teams of 8 players (4 men and 4 women) try to score as many points as possible by throwing the ball into the hoop of the korfball basket, which is 3.5 m high. Each basket counts as one point.

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  • Ping-pong

    Table tennis (formerly also ping pong, colloquially pinec, pinches) is a non-contact ball sport played with a bat. Unlike similar sports such as tennis, badminton or squash, in table tennis the playing surface is a net divided into two halves by a table top above ground level along which players move. It is played either with two players competing (this is called singles) or with two pairs of players competing (this is called doubles).

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  • Disc golf

    Disc golf is an attractive sport discipline and an increasingly popular leisure activity. It is similar to classic golf - instead of clubs and balls, flying discs (frisbees) are used, and instead of holes, special baskets are used. Frisbee golf, as the sport is also sometimes referred to, originated in the 1970s in the USA and has since gained hundreds of thousands of fans around the world

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  • Spikeball

    Spikeball is a sport with a ball and a special net trampoline. Two pairs play against each other, the aim of the pair is to bounce the ball off the trampoline with no more than three hits (teammates can pass the ball between them twice). Then the other pair plays in the same way. The game is non-contact, teams must not interfere with each other's play. The game is started with a serve that should not jump higher than the outstretched arm of the opposing team. Any part of the body may be played. The first pair to score 21 points wins.

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  • Lakros

    Lacrosse (also spelled lacrosse) is a team sport originating with the North American Indians. Two teams play on a field with lacrosse sticks with nets (lacrosse sticks), in which players carry a ball, pass it around and try to hit it into the other team's goal. Over time, other versions of the game have evolved. The Americans derived a version of fieldlacrosse, the Canadians invented boxlacrosse. In the Czech Republic, a version of Czech lacrosse is also played, which has its own specifics.

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  • Mölkky

    Mölkky is originally a Finnish game, the purpose of which is to knock down numbered pegs on the ground to achieve the desired number of points. The game set consists of 12 wooden pegs marked with the numbers 1 to 12 and a throwing peg. At the start, the pins are placed on the ground close together in a four-row layout.

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  • Ladder Golf

    Ladder golf is a relaxed, easy game with a special ladder and balls on a string. The aim of the game is to throw the balls connected by a string onto the ladder so that they wrap around it and stay hanging. Ladder golf is also known by other names such as Spin Ladder, Ladder game or Swedish golf. The game can be played by two, three or four people or teams.

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