Individual sports

Movement gym

  • Mobilization - Stabilization

    A class focused on relaxation of joint structures with subsequent activation of muscles, especially in the middle of the body. No previous experience with this type of exercise is necessary.


  • Total Body Work

    The trend of contemporary fitness, intensive interval conditioning and weight training for accelerating metabolism, improving fitness, intense "burning" effect, strengthening and shaping the muscles of the whole body.


  • Jogalates

    Jogalates belongs to the category of Body and Mind exercises, combining yoga and Pilates. It is a slow paced class.


  • Street dance

    Old School Hip Hop - new jack swing - very positive and energetic dance style


  • Latino Dance

    Latin rhythm dances


  • Aerobic fusion

    Aerobics combined with full body muscle strengthening


Martial arts hall

  • Self-defence

    Self-defence is divided into two basic branches according to their use, namely civil self-defence and professional self-defence. The difference in these two branches is quite fundamental, as civil self-defence - has the task to repel the initial attack of the perpetrator and to escape to safety as quickly as possible.


  • Fitness yoga

    Fitness yoga is aimed at stretching and strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Fitness yoga borrows postures from yoga in order to use them to bring people through the physical stresses of the body to controlled movement, conscious control of the body and mental and physical relaxation.


  • Fit Office Yoga

    Office yoga focuses primarily on strengthening the entire back area, relaxing the cervical and lumbar spine, strengthening the abdominal muscles, stretching the lower body and improving overall posture.


  • Pilates

    Pilates exercise is a set of exercises that were invented in the early twentieth century. The main purpose of the exercises is to move the whole body, stretch the muscles and increase their flexibility. It is a combination of movements like ballet, yoga, but also isometric exercises.


  • Lunch Yoga

    Lunch Yoga is a type of yoga that seeks to break the mundane cycle of sedentary jobs. This is done by stretching the body or taking a light breath and thus contributing to a calmer mind and overall relaxation.


  • Gym

    There will be beginner classes and circuit and functional training classes.


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