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  • Teiresiás Centre

    Logo střediska Teiresiás, které pomáhá studentům se specifickými nároky

    Teiresiás Centre will present tandems, handbikes, monoski, biski, dualski. Part of the sports equipment that the University (Teiresiás Centre) has to provide alternative subjects for compulsory and paid physical education for students with disabilities or limitations. However, this equipment is also available to interested members of the public. Not only for the blind or wheelchair users, but also for those without limitations, or perhaps with a temporary disability (even with a leg in a cast it is possible to play sports). If you are interested, you will learn more at the event and have the opportunity to try out the equipment directly.

  • University of the Third Age

    Logo Univerzity třetího věku

    Do you meet seniors at any of the faculties? Do you know why? Masaryk University has its University of the Third Age. Come and take a look under the hood of senior education and find out what the third role of our alma mater is! A quiz and a small prize await you.

  • Association IAESTE LC Brno

    Logo spolku IAESTE

    IAESTE LC Brno is an international student organization that was founded in 1948. Its main goal is to facilitate international internships for students. The uniqueness of this organization lies in the fact that its members are students from various universities in Brno. In addition to facilitating internships, IAESTE LC Brno also focuses on organizing various events for students, including, for example, a job fair.

  • MUNI bazar

    Logo MUNI bazaru v modro bílé barvě

    What is a surplus for one may be a treasure for another. You can look forward to lots of beautiful pieces of mostly women's clothing, shoes and accessories. We look forward to seeing you from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

  • University Campus Library

    No description

    The Masaryk University Libraries will offer a photo corner including experiments with "bookface", demonstrations of devices from makerspaces including virtual reality, a knowledge quiz about books and libraries, modern and non-traditional board games and last but not least sports activities with books.

  • Ancient board games

    The workshop focuses on the world's oldest surviving board games and aims to introduce participants to the history of the selected games and their symbolic meaning in their respective cultures. Participants will have the opportunity to play these games according to reconstructed rules and in this way verify their playability in the present day.

  • SAMUNI - Ancient Sports Day

    No description

    Sporting events are an essential part of many people's lives. For example, the Olympic Games, which can be traced back to ancient Greece. Would you like to know what events were part of these games more than two thousand years ago? Come and visit us and try out the different sports in which the Olympic Games were competed in, even with replica sports equipment! You will be able to run with a shield or hoplítodromos, jump with weights or throw a discus. You can compete against each other in the disciplines and try out as individuals. The programme is further enriched by a guided exhibition with parts of the armour of Greek soldiers or a simple game of astragalus, played throughout history and the world.

  • DJ Štěpán Brück

    You may not see him jumping behind the mixing desk, but we guarantee he'll uncover your hidden musical desires and make sure the music you love is playing. It will play exactly to your musical taste, whether it's rock, pop, dance or contemporary hits.

  • The Roots of Russian Imperialism and Europe

    No description

    The Russian Empire has had imperial ambitions for centuries. This is an inescapable reality in current Czech and European discourse. According to some commentators, it is even part of the Russian identity. But is this really the case? Is Russia really "by nature" an empire as some Western media describe it? What is the story behind the current situation? Is it not rather a modern Potemkin village? Prof. Ivan Foletti, the head of the Centre for Early Medieval Studies, which is part of the Art History Seminar of the Faculty of Arts, will try to answer these questions.

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  • The GWP Theatre Ensemble

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    From 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., The GWP Theatre Company, which has been active in the Department of English and American Studies since 1965, will present an English-language theatre performance, whose annual performances are a favorite of those interested in live English. For this occasion, the theatre has prepared a staged reading of several scenes from some of the most famous English plays with a dash of comic hyperbole.

  • MUNI Career Centre

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    It's getting to be too much for me, and I can't handle it anymore
    Have you ever said a similar or maybe the exact same sentence to yourself? In our workshop we will talk a little bit about stress - what it is actually for and what role it plays in our lives. Together we will discuss how stress manifests itself in general and in each of us in our emotions, thoughts and body. We will also spend part of the workshop on ways to work with stress and build resilience.
    Location: hall B11/ classroom 206

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  • CEPLANT Research Centre

    No description

    No description

    Get to know the CEPLANT research centre and see the exhibition on nanotechnology and plasma physics research in the UKB corridor. We will introduce and show you that plasma physics is not only interesting but also practical. Extraordinary 3D images from the CEPLANT electron microscope will show physics research in a different light.

  • LEMMA Laboratory & Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics MU

    No description

    LEMMA brings together creative students from Masaryk University who are passionate about filmmaking and have the opportunity to show their works at the Faculty of Informatics Film Festival every year. We cordially invite you to the 24th edition of the festival, whose theme is memory, whether human or artificial. The festival will take place on 17th May at 7 pm at the premises of the Faculty of Informatics.

  • MUNIE Society

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    We are a non-profit organization that wants to strengthen belonging to the university and support the activities of other associations at MUNI. We organize events where students can meet, build new relationships and have fun together. Our projects are cultural, sporting, charitable and educational. The biggest event is the popular Masaryk University Student Ball.

  • Language Learning Centre

    No description

    How well do you know the history of the Olympic Games? Take our English quiz! Can you practice following the English instructions? Or can you dare the human body in Latin? Stop by the Language Learning Center booth!
    Place: foyer of the Faculty of Sports Studies
    Time: 09:00 - 13:30

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